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whoa. idk if it's just me, but... using Chrome here, and your theme is pretty, but i can't scroll down at all on your main blog or posts. the scroll bar vanishes when the page finishes loading and then not even the arrow keys work. which is frustrating because your art looks super cool! :(

HM I’ve been having that problem too, but I thought it was just being weird on my computer only and ignored it

I’ll probably just change the themeeee

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advice I wish I could give the young inspiring artist me back in the day: 
"you there, draw that thing you can’t draw. Don’t avoid it, just do it. Yes draw that hand, no don’t hide it in a pocket. FUNNY THING young me, if you don’t draw it you won’t learn. It might look shitty, but you drew it and it will only get better"


Jing's drawing for Aurum!

The prompt: Gonna be super predictable and request Tim and Robbie on a date of some kind….can be on base or off… <:3c

For goodness sake, you two, just get married already!

my draws for the big TF trade this year UvU

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I had a strange dream about ‘back in the day’ cross-dressing Pike along with Clark, I don’t even know here’s some doodles??

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percy sketchin

mostly testing out FireAlpaca, it seems to handle a lot like tegaki and i like it so far!


I just want you all to know, this is exactly what I do all day on my days off

first batch of chibi commissions, Hajime and Aigis

aaaa robo waifus

chibis are so fun to do :)


Clark-Alaiza makeunder :B


I dunno how to draw wrinkles in clothing anymore ;;

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I haven’t drawn in two+ months and my mind gravitates to Psychonauts…

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cutesy Alien print for Coey’s Movie Monster Screenprint project :)

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those who have been following me for a while probably have seen these two here and there. My robot characters, Remington and Olivier. 

One day I will jump into the webcomic scene and tell you more about these guys and the many other characters of this story. Adventure, romance, mystery and all that fun stuff goin’ on. 

And most importantly, robots!

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Probably the worst time to put this up ( being out of town dealing with funeral arrangements) but it needs to go up now to keep on schedule so- HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to a side project I’ve been planning for a while now that’s sorta my true passion in a lot of ways. Movie monsters + Traditional printing/Skreenprinting in….


Its up for 15 days so not long- so please please please PLEASE !!!! Spread the word and reblog if you can!
I’d soooo grateful if this went through because its not only something I love but something i’m passionate about and is a persona project of mine : )

This first one is for Xenomorphs and is kidna the kick off to see if its possible to do others. There are many teirs and themed prizes including stickers , postcards , prints and of course the ultimate cherry on top- 2 varient 6 color silkscreens on 20x36 Cougar 100# White/Natural paper. Varients being Red and Gold (as shown on the kickstarter main image)

Thanks again everyone for helping because this launch couldnt have come at a more awkward time @_____@;;;;


signal boosts are most appreciated. I am also currently finishing my own Alien piece for this kickstarter.


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I accidentally Josuke’d