I did a sketch trade with griffinanduck at Midoricon, she requested a Kakyoin

all I have is a shitty phone photo, thought I’d share anyway coz I like how it turned out ;) 


sketched my old scuzzy OC, Roderick 

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Hey all! I recently opened up an Inprint and I would really appreciate reblogs/ likes/ boosts/ back pats

I will be posting more up as the days come along

check out my shop!! thank you!!! 

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Time for another quicky two-week KickStarter!

We are trying to switch our sticker production fully over to laser-cut sticker sheets, but getting a full, starting-batch is pretty expensive!
So we’re hoping you will help!

The stickers up for re-print are by Shy Custis, Coey Kuhn, and RJ Britton! Through this KickStarter, we’re offering sets cheaper than we sell them normally, and basing prices by the sheet instead of by the sticker count.
Also, just for the KS campaign, we are including the BioShock 1 & 2 set we normally don’t sell online!

Please help if you can!

sticker reprint, check it outtttt 

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Pucci, second favorite villain… pretty close to being tied with Doppio tho

a Foo and a Johnny jojo60min thingggsss

more 60min Jojozz from the other night

collection of my speedy JoJo sketches on twitter for @jojo_60mindraw !!!

it’s good practice, A+ would recommend 

- x x x -

doodled Jolyne <33

I’m in a pretty big JoJo kick right now, so if any of you have some JoJo related requests feel free to send them my way! They will be good thing to doodle on a rainy day or in between trudging through the last of my commissions 

— X —

Kyary for practice/ fun

haven’t drawn much in quite some time, here’s some random things I have managed to scrawl out these past few months. 

First one is my take on Leonardo da Vinci’s Leda and the Swan for practice

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Anonymous inquired:

You're the most beautiful creature I know. Everything you create is beautiful. How can I convince you of that? <3


o gosh what what 

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Anonymous inquired:

whoa. idk if it's just me, but... using Chrome here, and your theme is pretty, but i can't scroll down at all on your main blog or posts. the scroll bar vanishes when the page finishes loading and then not even the arrow keys work. which is frustrating because your art looks super cool! :(

HM I’ve been having that problem too, but I thought it was just being weird on my computer only and ignored it

I’ll probably just change the themeeee

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